Monday, January 5, 2009

Bellaire Shooting Update

Well, I have to admit that I was wondering about how two bullets got in the house after I was questioned in the original Bellaire shooting post. Now, I'm even more confused.

It seems that not only did two of the three bullets fired at Robbie Tolan hit the house, but they were lodged in the damn ceiling of the front porch. So even if Tolan was standing up, and by all accounts he was not, how in the Hell did that happen? I envision some kid using Dirty Harry's .44, with each shot's recoil causing the barrel to climb higher. And it was a .45, but surely a highly trained patron of the donut arts can handle a big boy gun like that.

Most telling, however, is that the bullet that hit Tolan, which is now permanently lodged in his liver, went through his lung first. Now, I've seen tons of CSI episodes, and I can imagine the old one-legged coroner shoving a long, skinny wooden dowel into the wound track to see what path the bullet followed to allow them to see where the bullet came from. And because the lungs are above the liver, where the bullet ended up, it appears that Tolan raised up off of the ground slightly as initially reported. To someone standing up a few feet away, that bullet track makes sense, as he would have fired at him with the bullet angling down though his lung and into his liver.

To me, that says that he was still largely prone and the cop fired one off that surprised even him, causing his next two to stick in the ceiling of the porch above him. So whomever it was that was asking me whether or not I trust the account in the Chronicle, I have to say at this point that it's looking more and more likely that it reported things correctly.

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