Sunday, January 4, 2009

Craddick's Out

Holy crap.

Well, guess my state rep is going to be safe. Damnit. In a last act of spite, Craddick endorses anybody but Straus.

1/5/09 Update: John Smithee (R - Amarillo), throws his hat into the ring. He's promptly endorsed by Craddick (which is something akin to McCain being endorsed by Bush), and is actually fairly popular. His legislative activity from the 80th Legislature is less than impressive, dealing primarily with insurance regulatory issues. And that makes sense, seeing as how he's the chair of various insurance and regulatory committees.

That causes me some concern, however, because insurance companies are the ones who foisted House Bill 4 on us, which went so far as to permit the legislature to make constitutional amendments without having to go through the usual amendment process. It was pushed largely by insurance companies, complaining of various lawsuits preventing them from making enough money, and evidently preventing doctors from practicing their love on women, according to President Bush.

Smithee is also anti-campaign finance reform, preferring not to have to disclose the source of his campaign funds if he does not have to. We do know, however, that 89% of his money comes from the very corporations he is charged with regulating.

2nd 1/5/09 Update: Looks like it's Straus. After looking into Smithee a little bit, I'd say we're in much better shape as a state with a much more moderate Speaker. I guess I can lay down my petty reasons for wanting Craddick to stay in to see what these guys do. Although based on his emphasis on infrastructure in the above article, I'm afraid the TTC's are on for sure. And that could suck.

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