Thursday, January 15, 2009

Death Knell for the Drug War?

Of course not. But there's an interesting article in today's Houston Chronicle about reducing certain charges for minor drug possession, and the charge is being led by a Republican, of all people.

I'm not a fan of completely decriminalizing the drug offenses, but recent trends focusing on treatment as opposed to incarceration are contributing to this movement gaining ground. In addition to not having the jail space for drug offenders, they'll only be back again if we don't do something about it. Besides, it's increasingly expensive to fight Nixon's last remaining war, and folks in possession aren't the ones gunning people down in border towns by the dozens. They do contribute to the market, however, so if we can treat the addiction we can keep them from being both a consumer of drugs and buirden on the jails.

Makes sense to me, and I'm encouraged to see it making more sense to others. I guess you can teach old Republicans new tricks.

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