Thursday, January 1, 2009

Driving While Black

Never tell a cop in Bellaire that he shouldn't push your mother against the wall of her own home, or you just might get shot. This incident started when a police officer checked the license plate of a car driving in Bellaire "as a routine matter." Right. If by "routine" you mean "there's a black man driving through Bellaire at night, better check it out." According to the cop on the scene the plates come back as stolen, which as of now seems impossible to believe because there had been no report of the car being stolen by its owner, in whose driveway it was being parked, by her son, who was the one being profiled by the Bellaire cop.

So, the cop tells them to stop and lay down. They do. The mother comes out to see what's up, the cop tells her. She says it's her car, they throw her against the wall. The son leans up, still largely prone, and tells the cop not to hurt his mother, and the cop shoots at him three times. Good thing the cop has spent too much time in the donut shop and not at the range, because that can be the only explanation for how a ten year veteran hit a stationary and prone target only once.

It'll be interesting to follow this story and see what happens to the cop. My guess: nothing.


Anonymous said...

Did you actually witness the event, or are you just relying on the Chronicle's account?

Rage Judicata said...

Yes genius, I was there when it happened.

Do you doubt the story just because you distrust the Chronicle, because the people involved were black, or because you always believe cops and think that they can do no wrong?

Anonymous said...

If you trust the Chronicle, do you agree then, "the shooting happened when the officer thought Tolan was trying to get to his feet." (Houston Chronicle, Jan 1, 2009)

And would you agree that Tolan was probably on his feet, and not prone, since the errant rounds struck the house and not the ground?

Rage Judicata said...

Where on the house?

I will agree that we need to wait until the investigation is done to see what really happened, but also feel that no matter what happened that officer should not have been profiling the guy to begin with, should not have made him lay down on the ground, and should not have thrown his mother against the wall, and finally, should have used a taser as opposed to a pistol, as per department policy.