Thursday, February 26, 2009

Death Knell for the Drug War II: Electric Boogaloo

You know how you can tell when the drug war violence in Mexico is near an end? Because they're running out of people to kill.

Over 1,000 so far this year and February isn't even over? This isn't even a real month. It only has 28 days, for chrissakes. Over 6,000 last year? That's 65 people a day in the last 14 months.

I'd like to see a serious study on what's going on. One of my favorite theories is that a combination of better interdiction, crackdowns on corruption (in Mexico, we're not doing enough here...), and fewer routes into the US (due in part to the wall in urban areas), means there's more fighting to control the fewer good routes into the US.

Sure, much of the traffic comes through at legal checkpoints--so let's start doing more there, not less everywhere else. Drug education and interdiction is a comprehensive thing. Nothing says that you have to stop building a wall to also reform immigration or increase security at legal checkpoints (I'm looking at you, Grits).

Nor can you just "legalize it" and expect things to be peachy. As close as we (at the state level, not that that matters) get to legalizing pot, or more realistically de-criminalizing it, we'll never legalize the harder stuff. So while the "pot is less harmful than alcohol" crowd has a good point (I'm one of the crowd, after all), illegal drugs will always be a problem and you can't legalize cocaine, meth, or other drugs. You just cannot. To think that you could legalize cocaine and that the tax revenue would offset the public safety concerns is flat-out stupid. A (reasonable) tax on pot would, however, work to help empty our jails and hopefully lessen the human trafficking and abuse that goes along with Central and South American gangs importing pot.

And don't even get me started on those dangerous Canadians.

But hey, I guess if we can have a forward defense in Iraq, we can have a forward eradication of drug traffickers in Mexico. So maybe it ain't so bad. Now we just need to find someone to help shoot more Canadians. Gotta secure both borders, after all.

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