Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Imagine, if you will...

Submitted, for your approval. The story of a young girl. A girl whose life is the same as that of any other. Who does well in school. Who loves her family, and her friends. A girl whose only crime is being black, and living, in the Twilight Zone.

File this one as another one of my "Are you effing kidding me?" stories. Girl in her front yard, going to turn on a power breaker that had tripped. Unmarked van rolls up. Three MASKED MEN WITH NO UNIFORMS jump out and grab her. None announce that they are police, or show identification. And they try to shove her into the van, yelling obscenities at her and hitting her.

You know, I halfway empathize with Iraqis who shoot at Americans, because we invaded their country based on lies. Can you imagine a foreign army rolling through Texas? You know what I'd do? Wolverines, bitches! You bet your ass. I'd take to the hills and shoot at the invaders like nobody's business.

So imagine what a girl is going to do when four masked men roll up and abduct her. She's gonna' fight, and hopefully fight like Hell. I hope that my kids would do the exact same thing, and yell like crazy.

Upon my appearance in the front yard I would expect the officers to realize that the 12 year old child they were kidnapping, beating, and cursing was not a prostitute, but instead a 12 year old honors student. And oh yeah, being a 12 year old black girl, she's probably not one of the three white prostitutes they're looking for. Of course, if I showed up in the front yard after hearing my kids scream, I'd come out shooting, so it's a damn good thing these assholes didn't do this at my house. But instead of being grateful, what did they do?

Those bastards filed charges against her, and that son-of-a-bitch DA actually tried her for assault! Gee, I wonder of it had anything to do with the fact that the cops have been sued in a civil suit, and an effort to discredit their case and try to interfere with their ability to recover? To top it off, they waited a while and arrested her at school. What a bunch of pansy-ass bastards.

This is why I hate prosecutors, and many cops. They are some of the biggest cowards on the planet. I would love to see these donut eating bastards in a dark alley somewhere.


Anonymous said...

I think the biggest cowards on the planet are douchebags claiming to be attorneys who hide behind some internet moniker to spout their poison about police and prosecutors.

If you had half of a testicle, you would put your name on your blog.


Rage Judicata said...

I see we have a member of Galveston's finest posting.

Glad you could take time out from beating 12 year old girls and eating donuts to read the blog.

And thanks for contributing such genius, as well.

ragefan_ana said...

What a dumb ass clansman! Am I blind or is his/her/it's name missing also?

Arthur Seaton said...

Sound a fury, and the idiot tells the tale again.

At least your broken record is consistent.

Rage Judicata said...

Seaton, let's hear some of your best cop-apologisms. I cannot imagine how you think the masked and out-of-uniform cops, exiting an unmarked van and not identifying themselves, are justified in thinking the 12 year old black girl is one of the three white prostitutes they were trolling the area for.

Come on baby, hit me. You can do it.

Then you can explain how these three manly men couldn't tackle a girl, and why it sounds like she damn near beat their asses!

Three of Galveston's finest, alleging an assault by a child.

Feisty said...

What shocks me most is that the trial resulted in a hung jury . . . makes me lose a bit of faith in the idea of juries as finders of fact.

Sounds like this really should have been an acquittal.

Rage Judicata said...

What shocks me most is that the trial resulted in a hung jury . . .

What's worse is that this was the SECOND trial. The first resulted in a mistrial.

makes me lose a bit of faith in the idea of juries as finders of fact.

Law schools often teach that a jury is made up of 12 people who aren't smart enough to get out of jury duty, or tell you to go hang out at a Wal-Mart parking lot at 10:00 p.m. on a Saturday and the people milling about are what your jurors will look like. While I absolutely disagree with that in Harris County (I've had juries made up entirely of college grads), that is absolutely true in Galveston.

Sounds like this really should have been an acquittal.

Texas Justice (TM) makes an acquittal against cops damn near impossible. Galveston County is populated by morons, and the judges are former DA's. They win just about every ruling in voir dire, and on the evidence.

Nothing that comes out of the coastal counties in Texas surprises me. Nothing.