Sunday, February 15, 2009

Is Doing 'Something' Better Than Doing 'The Right Thing?'

I think it's kind of sad when the Texas Legislature, an organization that Texans only let meet every other year to keep them from screwing things up twice as often, is prescient enough to at least try to fix the alarming rate of wrongful convictions in Texas.

But police agencies can't resist trying to push the limits. Seeing a DNA bill coming through, they want to start fishing for DNA for just about any crime, whether DNA is required to prove guilt or not. Ignoring the fact that their tactics in failing to use DNA have resulted in many wrongful convictions, they want the pendulum to swing completely the other direction to allow them to create a DNA registry. Great job guys, that's like taking advantage of 9/11 to get the Patriot Act, which was drafted years before, passed. It's no surprise that Austin PD, one of the most racist in the state (and that's saying something in a state that has towns like Vidor), is leading the charge for yet another police-state program.

Harris County's opinion is conspicuously absent, but expectedly so, since their policy is to destroy DNA evidence as fast as possible, even though they know that some of their convictions were faulty. Hell, after the first guy was exonerated by DNA during Rosenthal's tenure, he ordered all old DNA destroyed so it wouldn't happen again.

He ought to be taken out back and shot, if you ask me. And his supporters should be lined up right next to him.

So, good luck to Texans in getting DNA reform that makes sense, not DNA laws that would make George Orwell proud.

Republicans, if you want me to explain who Orwell was, just let me know.

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