Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Learn When To Say When

While, admittedly, C.O. Bradford can do less harm as a city councilman than he did as police chief, or would have done as district attorney, this is one fiasco that just won't go away.

Reminds me of the roaring 90's when the same Democrats kept running for office after office. I like John Sharp, but damn man, quit running for stuff. Chris Bell? Well, just stop. For God's sakes you give Democrats an even harder time at overcoming that liberal stereotype with your metrosexual suits and lispy speeches. Your career peaked when you filed against DeLay, now learn to retire before your career goes completely downhill. Oops, too late for you.

Bradford, on the other hand, has no opportunity to retire at his peak because his peak was in overseeing a crime lab that manufactured evidence and was complicit in one of the largest scale injustices to hit Houston courts that I can think of. The largest, in terms of overall impact, if you ask me. Add to that the fact that Harris County's District Attorney has a culture of corruption and you have a recipe for disaster.

All I can say is that it's a good thing it's an at large seat, so us white folks can vote against him.

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