Thursday, February 26, 2009

Wait. A White Mayor Brown?

I was going to call this one "Silly Names II: Electric Boogaloo" but for some reason didn't. You're welcome.

But this is starting to get a little silly. It's kind of like having nothing but Presidents named Bush and/or Clinton for a couple of decades. A black Mayor Brown, followed by a white Mayor White, and now maybe a white Mayor Brown?

Why is this news, you ask? Well, from what I can tell the guy is a complete douchebag. He thinks that the noblest human achievements are cities and their architecture? Really? Goddamn buildings are the best thing we can do? I can see art, as an expression of the human condition. But architecture? I like architecture, but come on. Noblest?

What about feeding the hungry, or building homes for the poor, or saving puppies?

I guess that's about what I'd expect from someone who's an adjunct professor at Texas Southern. Are they even accredited? And he's not even a full professor? The guy's like 90, and he has yet to make full professor at the worst college outside of Kenya?

This pontificating POS's greatest achievement on the city council (besides continually running despite getting booted off) is in turning on the lights of a fountain.

Maybe he can run for DA instead. I hear they could use some enlightenment.

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