Saturday, March 7, 2009

Barbara Bush Has A Heart?

After saying that Katrina evacuees had it great living in cots on the Astrodome floor (which only occurred several days after her son utterly failed as a leader) who would have thought that she had a heart?

Ol' Bush Sr. wasn't that much of a president, but he's one of very few politicians that actually did heroic things in times of war (this list does not include McCain, who went straight to South America instead of Vietnam because he could get laid there despite being married, crashed plane after plane, and spilled his guts leaving his cellmates in Vietnam to continue to get tortured while they went easy on him, only to leave his wife as soon as he got back to the states for a millionaire's hose-bag daughter, whom he degrades every chance he gets...).

Instead of doing what his son did in joining the Guard, or McCain did in getting his daddy the admiral to send him to a post where he could get laid and not have to fight, Bush Sr. actually chose to join the Navy and picked a plane that he would strap a bomb to and dive straight at the enemy before releasing it.

If you've never seen his story about getting shot down and setting the world's record for paddling a yellow dingy away from an island commanded by a Japanese colonel known for eating the livers of downed pilots, look it up. It's an interesting anecdote about an interesting man. So, if he chose Barbara she must have, at some point, been a decent human and I wish her well.

By the way--why can't we say Jap? You can say Brit. And I know there are more examples, but not Jap? I don't understand.

I also don't understand why we have to pay to support Israel because six million Jews were incinerated, which is certainly an awful thing, and Republicans line up to send money to God's "chosen people" (are they really chosen if they don't believe in the Son of God...) while Japan raped and killed millions more people than Germany ever did with the same sort of atrociousness, yet we're all buddies with them and they want us to apologize for dropping the bomb on them?

This August 6th, when Japan makes its yealy request for an apology for the A-bombs, I submit to President Obama a proposal for a formal response:

"Dear citizens of Japan. I have received your Parliament's request for an apology for the actions taken by the United States of America on 6 and 9 August, 1945. The events leading up to that event are complex, and many coniderations need to be taken into account before America can issue a formal response to your request. Please understand that I will give this matter very careful consideration. You have my pledge that I will do my utmost to ensure that you receive a proper response, which I will deliver to you on December 7th of this year."

Maybe that's too much for this admittedly Japanese disliking American to hope for, but STFU Japan. Don't start nothin', there won't be nothin'. And you started it.

You're welcome for rebuilding your country, by the way.

I need coffee.

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