Wednesday, March 11, 2009

An Open Letter to Mayor White

Dear Mayor White:

I sincerely hope that you will be our next Senator. I would rather have had you as a governor, but I understand not wanting to butt heads with Kay Bailey's money. She has become increasingly moderate over the years anyway, and let's face it--anyone that Rick Perry launches an all-out offensive against has got to have something going for her. Just don't go anywhere near her when she's got a phone book in her hands.

However. I am, for lack of a better word, offended by your statements that the federal government isn't doing enough to rid our country of illegals who commit crimes.

In your run-up to your campaign, you're stoking fears that immigrants are out there and committing crimes left and right. That you do it in a story related to the shooting of a police officer is brilliant, I'll give you that. It panders to the police officer unions, who traditionally go Republican, and to tough on crime Republicans, some of who may vote for you because many are centrists and unlike Obama you're a white man so the racial divide in Texas won't be as great for you as it was for him. Hell, your name is White, so you stand to make out pretty well. So, good job pandering to the right.

However, in doing so you betray not only your own history, but the facts. Sure, ICE is falling down on the job and is doing more to go after the big group arrests of immigrant workers and ignoring the criminals in the jails, but for God's sakes you're the mayor of one of the largest sanctuary cities in the country. The policies of this city are far more culpable for not attempting to identify illegals who commit crimes than ICE ever could be. And of course, let's not forget that despite your scare mongering illegal aliens actually commit fewer crimes than American Citizens do. While simpletons are quick to point out that "just being here is breaking the law" (hi Tenderfoot), the fact is that illegal immigrants don't commit the crimes that we worry the most about as often as we like to think they do. They're just low-hanging fruit for politicians because they can't defend themselves. It's like picking on the smallest kid in class, or debating with Arthur Seaton, or even asking Mark Bennet to grow some balls and do what he threatens to do until it actually happens to him. You know you're going to win, because they're ill equipped for whatever you're confronting them with.

So, you're either intentionally scare mongering or you're terribly uninformed (like the general public), but either way you're wrong. Add to that your cognitive dissonance and the city's culpability for being a city known for turning the other cheek on illegal immigration, and you have a problem in this upcoming election.

Yes, I understand that federal law prohibits cities from deporting illegal immigrants. But does it prevent you from identifying them and turning them over to the feds? Nope. You can't enforce federal immigration law, but you can identify those who break it and turn them over to those who can. What do you do instead? You declare Houston to be a sanctuary (i.e. "safe" for illegals) and implement day centers so they can all congregate in one place and find work. (Dear ICE: I know where you can find a bunch of illegal aliens, hint hint...)

When you do more to identify illegal aliens and coordinate their deportation than you do for helping them feel safe here, I'll feel better about your stance on this issue. Your time's running out though.

P.S.: Thanks for the call the other day. See you next week.


Tenderfoot said...

Well since you know so much more than us simpletons perhaps you should run for office. After all you have all the answers.

Why do you think illegals commit fewer crimes than citizens? Because illegals are not the majority of the population. It's a matter of numbers.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure you outed yourself with that comment, Tenderfoot.

Rage Judicata said...


The studies regarding immigrants and crime are done on a per capita basis. And they're fairly well accepted, by even the law enforcement community.

Well, maybe not the average beat cop, but by people who know what they're doing and aren't just happy to have a job that lets them carry a gun and push people around.