Tuesday, March 17, 2009

SHHHHH! This is a Moment of No Learning!

We're supposed to believe that this is to promote religious freedom? Come on now.

As if the all-white all-Christian folks promoting the addition of the word "prayer" into the Moment of Silence Law (and the original promoters of the law in he first place), are tolerant folks.

It's bad enough that schools are eliminating physical fitness, art and music classes as it is, they're content to just sit still instead of learning. Not to mention the amount of money we must have spent defending this POS law in the first place.

Teachers are bad enough at teaching math and science, do we really want them making further inroads into teaching religion? If this goes further and the "Bible as history" classes are next up, do you want some schmuck with little more than a basic understanding of the subject that they went to school for teaching your kids about God?

And I won't hold my breath for the "Koran as History" classes from these tolerant folks.

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