Thursday, March 26, 2009

Stimulate Me. Please.

I have to admit, I have a thing for Lisa Falkenberg. Her nerdy goodness is the gift that keeps on giving every time I see her picture in the paper. Of course, I hope she's not doing what lawyers do and that she hasn't submitted a 20 year old picture for her bio so that in real life she'd be unrecognizeable. But it's not like I'm going to meet her, so I'll just keep up the illusion, which I hope is the truth.

And of course, since the last article that I read of hers was about Texas prosecuting dildo lovers (say hi to your mom for me, Seaton), it's kind of funny to me that this story is about the stimulus plan.

Not just because of the word 'stimulus,' but also because Perry's sticking it in the kiester of every unemployed Texan out there.

Falkenberg's analysis of what Texas would have to do to accept the stimulus is the first real one I've seen, and she makes some fantastic points. I mean, God forbid that Texas unemployment practices come into the computer age. Or that we help part-time workers who have been laid off. That would be just awful.

Falkenberg's suggestion that any changes be repealed in the future was the first thing I thought of when Perry started bitching about the future costs. Change what they require, then scrap what you don't like at a later date. Hell, write the statute to automatically expire at a certain date. Duh.

And all this business about "raising taxes on businesses" is hilarious to me. Perry pushed for the single largest tax increase on Texas businesses in our history, even taxing partnerships that should be exempt from state taxes based on the flow-through nature of their income based on IRS regs.

I never thought I'd say this, but bring on Kay Bailey. At least she'd look for ways to take over half a billion dollars that Texans could really use, as opposed to trying to act like he gives a damn about taxing business, which he's done more than any other governor, ever.

Talk about dildos.

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