Sunday, March 8, 2009

Where Is Your God Now?

Obviously, shooting just about anybody is wrong. But if you're going to shoot someone, and there's not a lawyer around to be shot, the next best thing is prbably a Baptist preacher. Even better that it was some mega-church.

Now rest easy folks, I happen to be a Believer and attend church regularly. But I have the utmost disdain for mega churches and the Catholic Church because they are generally backwards and wasteful. Backwards because when religion gets involved in too many aspects of life the reult is generally bad. Remember the Dark Ages? Thanks, Catholics.

And of course religion is a good thing. Hell, the lack of it can be good. But when bad people hide behind religion you get things like the Spanish Inquisition--at a time when you least expect it. Nowadays you get the Catholic Church telling people in Africa that condoms actually spread AIDS, to keep people from using them--preaching abstinince when even a dullard like Sarah Palin has come to discover that it doesn't work. We also get people being thrown in jail because they're selling vibrators in Texas, or people flying planes into buildings so they can go have 72 virgins in the afterlife. And that has to be the oddest religious interpretation of all, because virgins are horrible in the sack. Jerry Falwell gets to call for the death of all Muslims in the Name of the Lord, and Pat Robertson gets to call for the assassination of world leaders and blames 9/11 on America loving gays.

But on a more local and immediate leel, all of that money thrown into mega-churches, or that keeps the Pope in his hat and slippers amongst billions of dollars in real estate and art only so they can hide child molestors from justice, could have a much better use. I think Lakewood cost over a hundred million dollars to buy, reovate, and keep running. Can you imagine how many people that could clothe, feed, house, and educate? Sure makes for a spiffy TV sermon, though. Same goes for that new Cathedral on the south side of downtown Houston. Not only is it reminiscent of a prison, but it is built on the backs of the poor people who tithe because the pope tells them to, while he lives in luxury and they can't afford their rent.

It's awful ironic that the best use this clown probably ever got out of his Bible was in deflecting that first bullet.

Good riddance to one more mega-church pastor. Say hi to ol' Falwell down there.


Tenderfoot said...

I don't like mega-church pastors yet I don't wish some nutcase come in and shoot him dead just so I could get on my high horse about religion.

Arthur Seaton said...

Amen to that, tenderfoot.

Rage Judicata said...

I didn't wish him dead. But I care more about some random homeless man who never hurt anyone than I do some pastor who bilked simpletons out of millions of dollars over the years. Would you care if someone shot Madoff? Nope.