Sunday, April 26, 2009

Chuck Rosenthal Couldn't Be Bothered To Track Down 600 Murderers

I'm iffy on Lykos, I'll admit. She's made marginal advances toward her campaign promises, and some, like providing the offense reports that were already open to defendants, are of marginal benefit. She's made no gains on diversifying the office, but I could care less about that. If black/Hispanic/other lawyers will make good prosecutors, hire them. If not, don't. Her statements to the press and some of her in-house antics have been objectly stupid. But, all you usually hear is complaining no matter who's in charge, and I still think that most of the people leaving to date are leaving not because they can't do their jobs but because they are so entrenched with the Rosenthal era that they're used to doing whatever they want and having no one question them on it. So when they think they're going to have to play on a level field they're taking their ball and going home. Can't have that conviction rate dropped by a diverse jury, or providing all of that Brady material you know.

But if they have all of these huge arguments against Lykos, and to date I haven't seen any big ones that weren't really indicative of any new administration, what do they have to say about Lykos inheriting over 600 open murder cases from Rosenthal and Holmes, who evidently couldn't be bothered to follow up on them? I guess Rosenthal wasn't such a go-getter after all. Say what you want about Lykos in some areas, at least she's trying to go after this obscenely huge list of murderers that Rosenthal couldn't be bothered to track down.

Around the blogs anonymous ADA's are screaming and wailing about how unsafe Harris County citizens will be now that Lykos is in charge, which makes absolutely no sense when Rosenthal the Messiah was sitting on the files of some 600 murderers.


Anonymous said...

Harris County prosecutors have grandiose issues. I sat on a jury one time where this guy was charged with assault w/deadly weapon. They were both fighting, and the defendant won. Not Guilty. Wasting my damn time sittin up there looking at those prosecutors crazy asses waving their hands, and shaking their heads. Just plain dumb. What they say about Harris County is true. Turning down a plea deal is like flipping em off. Next time, I'll just wear a Lakewood shirt.

Rage Judicata said...

You know, all the arm waving and antics by criminal lawyers on both sides of the bar has always bothered me. Acting like that in a civil courtroom would get you held in contempt and a bailiff assigned to stand behind you.
And indicting someone for winning a fight is just stupid.

Anonymous said...

It WAS stupid. This bully picked on a smaller guy thinking he couldn't fight, and the bully got his ass wooped with some club looking thing. By the way, I love your blog. It's so hilarious how these other characters get so upset when you call them out!

Rage Judicata said...

I have to admit that poking fun at the ADAs has drawn me off task a bit, but it's too easy to do and too much fun to pass up. Besides, my original purpose keeps getting scooped by Scott Henson so I figured I could either duplicate about 50% of his posts or just go after the low hanging fruit like pointing out that Seaton is a whiny titty baby who gets his panties in a wad when the obvious is pointed out to him. Since I don't have as much time to devote to researching the topics I'm most interested in, I read Grits and make fun of prosecutors. That gives me the most entertainment for my time, glad it gives you some as well.