Friday, April 24, 2009

Never Fear, Cuba Is Here...

I must confess that in my personal dealings with mayors across the state, few are as earth-shakingly stupid as Galveston's mayor. This is the same moron who decided that the evacuation for Rita really sucked, so she wouldn't make anyone leave for Ike, the largest and deadliest storm to hit the island since 1909. In fact, I saw her on television telling people not to leave because she thought the highways were worse than a hurricane. She also didn't explain to the morons on her island that years ago computer models showed the escape routes being blocked before the sea wall would be crested. Meaning that by the time her uneducated and ill-prepared citizens, largely due to her incompetence, thought to themselves "Duuuuuuuuuude, the water's gettin' high, I better get out of here..." the roads off the island were already gone.

So is it any real surprise that she ignored Bill White's urgings to evacuate yet is now trying to learn from Cuba? Let me guess--the response to anything by a militaristic dictator is to throw soldiers at it.

(Reads article.)

Yep. Wow, good luck with that. Seeing as how we've thrown all of our soldiers to the Middle East and lowered our recruiting standards to fat, old, injured criminals, my bet is that the soldiers guarding the island (assuming the feds can get them there in time) are as likely to loot the place as the people who already live there. Although, if those still on the island are 12 year old black girls playing in their front yards, the Galveston PD can lock them up. Assuming they don't get their asses beat by the girls, like the last time.

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