Thursday, April 9, 2009

What's In A Name?

Alright, look, I'm all for things like denying drivers' licenses to illegal immigrants and requiring photo identification at the polls. I'm even for making English the official language and requiring remedial English courses as a condition of citizenship or long-term visas.

But this woman has to be one of the most backward-ass people I've ever heard about. What fundamental ignorance she must have to think that people should have to change their name so her simpleton self could more easily deal Asians. The article even comes complete with the "your people" quote that most racists know to avoid. But not this racist, she has to say it on the record, to a person of Asian descent, and during House testimony on the voter ID bill. What a horrible human being this woman must be.

I'm not sure why the name has anything to do with it, if it's also a picture ID. She never outright says that "they all look alike to me," but you know that's only because she wasn't given enough time to speak. I'm sure it was next on her list.

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