Friday, May 1, 2009

Montaue County Sheriff Update

Aw, mannnn. The former Sheriff of Montague County who ran a whorehouse for a jail just pulled a Ken Lay.

What a cop out.

Charles Hood Update

Looks like Charles Hood might get a new trial.

It's interesting that the state's argument isn't that the affair between a judge and a prosecutor is improper, it's that the affair was common knowledge and therefore the defendant just waited too long to bring it up on appeal.

What a load. All this talk about safety, and justice, and fighting for what's right, and the lawyers for the state can only slavishly parrot procedural rules and not concede to what would truly be justice in this case. Kind of reminiscent of the State of Texas arguing to the Supreme Court of the United States that it's OK to execute someone later proven to be actually innocent because he's already had his trial.

Prosecutors have a long way to go before they have any real idea of what justice actually is.