Sunday, August 9, 2009

Looks Like The Harris County DA Forgot to Destroy All the DNA...

I know I said I was done, but I guess someone in Houston needs to point out that people continue to be exonerated in Harris County. Grits, referencing the New York Times, points out another HPD crime lab fiasco.

This story may have appeared in the Chronicle or elsewhere locally, but I haven't noticed it. I haven't looked too hard though.

Many believe that a regional crime lab may eliminate this problem. I don't think it'll go away until we start prosecuting DA's who prosecute despite such exculpatory evidence.

They didn't know it was exculpatory, you say (I'm looking at you Seaton)? Well, how can a prosecutor push a case where he hasn't examined the evidence? He doesn't know forensics, you say? Then he shouldn't be a DA.

This evidence was obviously exculpatory. Hell, the serology didn't even match, and that's far less specific than DNA. If the blood type doesn't even match, or secreter v. non-secreter is off, then how in the world can they prosecute that case?

Because they want to close a file, and have no interest in justice.

I look forward to any response from the ADA's out there that doesn't include derogatory name calling. Honestly, please explain why this prosecutor and lab tech shouldn't be prosecuted for sending an innocent man to prison for 23 years. Anyone who can justify this is about as un-American as a person can possibly be.

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Anonymous said...

Why? Too many law enforcement officers and prosecutors follow "Murphy's Law of Investigation (or Research)": Only investigate enough to support the conclusions you already have.